Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On writing

I love to write.
Actually that's not true.
I find it difficult and frustrating.
But still I write.

Maybe it's just the fantasy of writing an amazing novel and become very rich. Maybe it's the fantasy of being admired for being so wise and funny and clever ( and rich ).

So why do I write?
It's not fun, I don't enjoy it. It takes effort and discipline. It's risking making a fool of myself.

One thing I do know.
Writing helps me to distance myself, from myself, my life, my feelings.
When it's on the page I can analyse it, it brings everything into perspective.

That is good enough reason to write.
 And maybe it turns out to be brilliant and I will make lots of money, and it will be turned into a movie and......

(I blame J.K. Rowling.)

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