Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review Art Journal Freedom - Dina Wakley

Blogging has been on hold for a while because of my thyroid condition. Fortunately the doctor fixed my medication and I am starting to feel better.

While I was ill and feeling sorry for myself I ordered some books to make me feel better.
The first was Art Journal Freedom by Dina Wakley.

Here is my first review:

I loved this book.

I wanted to learn about how to use color and composition in my journal pages, and this book teaches just that.

 It explains color and composition principles well with many examples of pages.

 I usually find descriptions of tools and materials boring and  skip that bit, but this book did have some practical advice and the chapter was well written.

The challenges are inspiring, you can practise the rules and practise breaking them.

There are new techniques to try.

All this could make a book chaotic and messy, but not this one.
It has a clear structure and index (and even a little metric conversion chart).

Would I recommend this? Yes, and you don't even have to like her style of art journaling to learn from this book.

The only thing I did  not like about this book was the "sign up for the newsletter/ visit our website" at the bottom of every page.
I am fine with promotion but when it's too much and too loud it becomes annoying.
So I did not sign up and did not visit the website. So there.

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