Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Yesterday I joined CAPI, a project by Milliande.

CAPI : Create Art Portfolio Ideas - Developing & Documenting - a Multimedia Approach to Exploring Themes in Search of a Personal Artistic Style”

From the website:

"To clarify: CAPI is not about pretty journal pages or step by by step completed artworks or a tube of glitter to jazz up a craft project.
CAPI is about definite exercises to unearth "What am I trying to say with my artworks" and "What tools I can use to consistently realise that in my art ".
CAPI : to be an invitation to a  process without a set schedule... a challenge for each of us to truly ponder and discover something deeply intrinsic in what/how we do and say as artists... 
CAPI is a structure within which to make individual discoveries and collect a toolbox as a source of focus inspiration."

Finding my own style is something I want to focus on this year, I think this project  is a good way to start.

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