Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The do's and don'ts of creativity.

I have been writing in my journal today. I was thinking about the things  I have learned the past year and made this list of my do’s and don’ts :

  • Don’t believe it’s always fun.

Especially at first it’s hard.You don’t know what you are doing, you have no idea how to get your ideas onto paper.
It can be frustrating watching tutorials where artists are creating beautiful work and tell you to ‘just have fun with it’.
It’s not. 
It’s hard, I make mistakes. I make bad stuff.
But I can now accept it’s part of the learning proces: Nobody tells this to people who are beginners.

  • Don’t set myself up for failure with unrealistic expectations.

I won’t art journal everyday.
Sometimes I feel like doing something else.

  • Don’t expect what works for others will work for me.

It won’t.

  • Do allow myself to not finish work.
  • Do wait for the glue to dry.
  • Do go on an artists date once a week. 
  • Do give myself permission to do things my own way.

What are your do's and don'ts?

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