Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spotted Photo Theme

I have joined iHanna's spotted photo theme.

This month's theme: A favorite critter friend.

I like the idea of looking through photo's I already have and look for themes. These are some of my favorite garden visitors:

Taken with my little old Canon Powershot.
For more of my pictures see my photo's tab above.


  1. Thanks for joining and sharing your beautiful photos! Love all of these, mostly because of the cute animals and insects but also because it gives me hope that summer will come once again! I long for it badly!

  2. Oh, lovely photos!
    You are like me: I love macro-photography and I have dozens of photos of snails, all kinds of insects, butterflies... I'm not alone, eh eh :)
    The first 2 photos are a bit... scary!!! :P